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Kersti Niebruegge

Kersti Niebruegge


That Summer We Stole Our Permanent Records

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"A bubbly, surprising caper that will undoubtedly entertain young readers."

Kirkus Reviews


"A hilariously funny, compact volume about a hotel's denizens that delivers well-aimed zingers—a winner." — Kirkus Reviews


"A light, humorous mystery filled with Midwestern references—cheese curds, lutefisk dinners, supper clubs, and high school sports—and a touch of Northwoods folklore." — Publishers Weekly

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About Kersti


KERSTI NIEBRUEGGE graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a degree in journalism and has worked for Late Night with Seth Meyers, Conan, and BBC Worldwide. She is the author of three humorous novels: Mistake, Wisconsin (2014 YA), The Zonderling (2015 Fiction), and That Summer We Stole Our Permanent Records (2019 Middle-grade).