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Kersti Niebruegge

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That Summer We Stole Our Permanent Records (2019)


a hilarious tale about friends, school, and adventure in 1993

"Becky and her friends are instantly lovable, and it’s hard not to laugh out loud at their antics. . . . A bubbly, surprising caper that will undoubtedly entertain young readers."Kirkus Reviews

For young readers ages 10 and up

It’s nearly summer vacation in 1993, but the end of fifth grade is a total disaster. Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary is closing, which means Becky Dulles and her best friends, the Sherlock Pines Gang, will be split up and sent to different schools. Talk about unfair!

Determined to mess with the dumb plan, Becky leads her pals on a mission to steal their permanent records. (At least then they’ll have clean slates with their new teachers.) But when Becky discovers a treasure map mixed with the stolen files, she knows exactly how to save her school—hunt down a legendary buried fortune!

Will Becky and the gang find the money to rescue FDR Elementary and stay together? Join them on their quest as they battle mean kids, booby traps, and a super annoying principal in this funny adventure.

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The Zonderling (2015)


a New York City comedy

"A hilariously funny, compact volume about a hotel's denizens that delivers well-aimed zingers—a winner."Kirkus Reviews

Like scores of career girls before her, Heather Baumhauer leaves behind small-town life in the Midwest to find adventure and an exciting job in New York City. But when her apartment plans fall through, she worries that her dream is over before she’s even tasted a real New York bagel. Enter The Zonderling, a one-hundred-year-old residence for women. Finding it miraculously affordable, Heather moves in and quickly befriends Jennifer, a financial analyst, and Emily, an aspiring actress.

But life at The Zonderling is not without its complications. From antiquated rules (no men allowed!) to shared bathrooms (never enough toilet paper) to cantankerous neighbors (tenants since the Nixon administration), Heather must learn to adapt to life both inside and outside the confines of an old-fashioned residential hotel in this comedy about what it truly takes to make it in New York.

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Learn the history of New York's real residential hotels for women

If you are wandering around New York City looking for The Zonderling Hotel for Working Girls, I’m sorry to say that it's not a real place. Neither is SoDeDyFa or the Altruistic Army (don’t tell The General). But it is true that there were loads of real residential hotels for women throughout the 20th century, and a handful are still in business.

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Mistake, Wisconsin (2014)


a Northwoods comedy

"A light, humorous mystery filled with Midwestern references—cheese curds, lutefisk dinners, supper clubs, and high school sports—and a touch of Northwoods folklore."Publishers Weekly

"Small-town shenanigans, all things fishing, and teenage observations of everyday life with an appealing satirical tone."Kirkus Reviews

"Mistake, Wisconsin is a deftly crafted Wisconsin culture based novel that demonstrates author Kersti Niebruegge's impressive storytelling talents ideal for young adult readers."Midwest Book Review

For YA readers ages 14 and up

Twenty-four musky-shaped mailboxes are missing in the small town of Mistake, Wisconsin. One crooked politician blames the local teenagers, but sophomore Megan Svenson smells something fishy—and it's not just her job at Brabender's Bait, where she runs into three out-of-towners visiting for musky fishing Opening Day. The sheriff is hot on the trail of the mailbox thieves, but Megan suspects she’s the only one who can exonerate her classmates. With a little creative thinking, Megan is determined to save Mistake’s beloved fishing holiday in this humorous tale of the eccentric Northwoods.

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